** Please note -- due to Covid, we have changed the theme from patrner poses to block yoga.**


Celebrate our first in-library teen yoga with partner poses! 

Working as a team, we can create some very unique and fun poses that can't be done alone. 

Try out double boat, seesaw, rooftop, chair, elevator, double tree, and double warrior.  

Play yoga freeze dance and meditate to pass-a-laugh.   

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Discover how great your body and mind can feel after a yoga practice.  Learn breathing techniques for relaxation and to reduce stress.  Try some new poses to improve strength and balance.  Meditate for centering yourself and finding your peace.  And have a lot of fun with games and songs while doing it!

Come learn about asanas, pranayama, and shavasana.  You will be glad you did.

Teen yoga held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of the month.

Program for ages 11 - 18 on 2nd floor of the library.

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