Tracy Lewis is an education professional whose background includes college professor, principal, administrator, social worker, and youth pastor. Dr. Lewis is also a licensed minister with over 30 years of service. She has a PhD in Post-Secondary Adult Education and has served as a court advocate for foster care children. Moreover, she has 25 years of experience teaching college-level English, Classical Greek, and World History, as well as high school English Literature and US History. Dr. Lewis is a United States Air Force veteran who has traveled extensively for book talks and signings and as a guest speaker at women’s conferences and youth symposiums. She is the author of four books, including a Christian series titled, “Into the Wilderness: A Journey of Faith” and “Into the Wilderness: Battle Ready” and a historical novel titled, “From White to Black: The Story of a Black Family that Started Off White” (history teachers use this book as supplemental textbook in their classrooms). 

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